Live! Electric Eel Shock (Japan) @ Stoned Leipzig, Leipzig [26. Juli]

Live! Electric Eel Shock (Japan)

21:00 - 23:00

Stoned Leipzig
Kolonnadenstr. 15, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

Das Rock n Roll Monster aus Japan zu Gast im Stoned.
Wir fühlen uns geehrt.
Seit mehr als 20 Jahren bespielen Electric Eel Shock aus Japan weltweit die Bühnen und unterstützen Bands wie Danko Jones auf deren Touren.
Für alle Fans des Garage, Krautrock und Fuzzy Stoner.
Dies ist ein exclusives kleines Clubkonzert. Die Karten sind streng limitiert und nur via Culton Tickets im VVK erhältlich.

This is Electirc Eel Shock's 22nd year and they are touring Europe supporting their rst new
album of completely new tracks for nearly 7 years. Don't miss this amazing live band…
Formed in Tokyo in the 90's EES left their native Japan at the end of the millenium to see what
they could make of America and the rest of the world. We are now 16 years into the 21st century
and the band continue to tour the world playing to an ever increasing and loyal fanbase.
Electric Eel Shock have toured 33 countries around the world on 4 continents and performed
on pretty much every major rock festival in Europe.
Highlights include:
Headling a stage at the prestigious
Roskilde Festival
in Denmark and
, One of biggest US festival, follwing The Black Crowes and closing the main stage at
Azkenna Rock Festival
in Spain, playing every state in America except Alaska and Hawaii,
performing at
4 times, playing with a full orchestra at Beached Festival in Scarborough…
In 2005, long before Kickstarter or Pledge Music or any of the others Electric Eel Shock became
pioneers of crowd funding. The catalyst was a record label refusing to release agreed funds for
recording that was due to start in less than a weeks time unless the band extended their deal
to include worldwide rights on their back catalogue. The band refused to be blackmailed in
this underhand way and turned to their fans instead. They oered the rst 100 supporters (the
Samurai 100) guestlist for life in return for £100 sent in through paypal. EES raised the £10,000
required to go into the studio in a matter of days and happily told the label to stu it.
(incidentally this is not guestlist for the life of the fan. It is for the life of Bob Slayer their long
time 'man who does stu'. Their reasoning being that Bob doesnt look after himself very well
so maybe he needs 100 folks to keep him alive)
«GO EUROPE!» (2004)
became the bands 1st commercially available EES release. Although
real fans will want to get hold of
and even the early live album
Electric Eel Shock's trio of crowd funded albums are "
ULTRA ROCK» (2007)
(which were both recorded in Holland with legendary producer Attie
Bauw, Judas Priest, Scorpions etc). Having learnt so much from Attie in the studio and wanting
to try that out themselves they self produced their next album in Japan:
. But Attie ew over to engineer the basic tracks and help out.
Back in Japan for a while the band released
«LIVE AROUND THE WORLD vol.1» (2011)
«BEST OF & COVERS» (2014)
these again being crowd funded, this time by Fan-Bo a
Japanese crowd funding site set up by the band themselves.

«Mixing dark fuzzy stoner rock riffs
with classic rock sensibilities and
addictive song-writing hooks, EES
occupy the gaping void somewhere
between Queens Of The Stoneage,
AC/DC and Black Sabbath.»
— Kerrang
«You’d have to be the most
miserable of metal purists or the
ultimate elitist trend follower not to
allow yourself to simply enjoy this
— Classic Rock
«EES are nothing short of
— Brent Hinds (Mastodon)
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